Enhance Your Business

As A Real Estate Professional, Your Success Depends On Closing Transactions

Homeownership rates are at their lowest levels in 50 years despite the lowest mortgage rates in history. Only the most qualified consumers can obtain traditional financing. As a result, your business is directly impacted.
The REAL Program allows you to close more transactions and qualify more clients. Not a real estate company, home builder or mortgage lender, the REAL Program does not compete but rather enhances your business by empowering more customers with a REAL path to homeownership.

Real Estate Agents

Your clients trust and rely on you. Your reputation relies on your clients’ achieving their objectives.
The REAL Program provides you an important new tool to expand and grow your business. Delivering more clients what they seek.

Home Builders

Building more homes requires selling inventory.
Whether building a few homes or thousands per year,the REAL Program reduces canceled sales and increase prospective buyers. No longer at the mercy of mortgage related surprises or delays, the REAL Program helps ensure your inventory sells as planned.

Mortgage Lenders

There is no profit in declined loans.  Worse, declined customers don’t enhance your reputation or your pipeline.
The REAL Program delivers originators and their clients an alternative.  Provide declined applicants a path to homeownership while improving your reputation and pipeline.