How It Works

Homeownership Reinvented

Here’s How It Works

The REAL Program was designed to provide responsible consumers a fast, efficient and simple, non-mortgage solution. Enjoy the benefits of homeownership, including 100% of the net home appreciation, without the pain of traditional financing.

Get credit approved

Applying for the REAL Program is easy and only takes a few minutes. No income, employment or asset document is required!
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Negotiate your Purchase Price

Find Your Home
Choose your REALTOR®, find that perfect property and negotiate your purchase price.
Already own a home?
The REAL Program allows current homeowners to participate through our Sell & Stay option. Pay off debt, perform home improvements, distribute equity to a departing owner, or access equity to put towards a new home purchase.

Due Dilligence

We perform Due Diligence on all properties including an appraisal and a home inspection. You'll receive copies of all reports, and if the property doesn’t meet your requirements you can cancel.


eSign the Program Agreement detailing the terms and conditions of occupancy and your Right to Purchase.
The REAL Homeownership Trust wires funds directly to a licensed closing/escrow agent to purchase the home on your behalf.


You can exercise your Right to Purchase at any time during the Program term. Pay the Program Balance in full, refinance the Program Agreement into a traditional mortgage or sell the property. All roads lead to you enjoying the benefits of homeownership, including keeping 100% of the net home appreciation, without a mortgage.
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